Autumn Teachings at Earthwalk

Basketry Intensive The Gifts of Cedar

Our opening session of the basketry program continued as we explored the gifts of cedar.  Students began with understanding the proper harvesting seasons and ethical harvesting techniques and traditions before preparing cedar strips for their own weaving projects.  They began a complex twill pattern that would then become the cover for their plaited tool kit, to be used throughout the remaining 6 months of the program.  The final day of class sent us on a field excursion harvesting basket material.  Dogbane, wolf lichen, and pine needles were some of the things harvested to be used in future classes.  Demonstrations on dogbane preparation prepared the students for creating soft plied strands for their next project of flat twined bags.  The wolf lichen, among other things, will be used to dye basket materials for an upcoming session.  A fun weekend was had by all.


Path of the Hunter: Big Game Hunt

With much preparation and extensive scouting expeditions, Frank ventured to the mountains in Eastern Washington with his Path of the Hunter Program.  Beautiful fall weather highlighted the trip, while the game were elusive, there was much sign to study and learn from.  With the rut just in its beginning stages, the bucks were still being cautious.  Despite game not being taken this particular trip, much was learned to prepare the class for future hunting trips.

Being the late season, the bucks were starting to make their scrapes.  A student noticed this sign above.


Island Basketry

Karen most recently returned from teaching a basketry class to the community in the San Juan Islands.  It was probably one of the most inspirational classes I have taught all year long.  What a wonderful environment to blend those foundations of weaving, the elements of nature and the creativity offered there.  Such a fun and focused group of people.  It was one of those days that you go away from completely exhausted, and completely fulfilled.

Autumn Teachings at Earthwalk

4 thoughts on “Autumn Teachings at Earthwalk

    1. There are so many different styles of baskets, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here are some books that we recommend to our basketry students. I hope that you might find these helpful.

      Pine Needle Basketry. Judy Mofield Mallow.
      Willow Basketry. Bernard and Regula Veret-Fierz.
      The Complete Book of Basketry Techniques. Sue Gabriel and Sally Goymer.
      Handmade Baskets From Nature’s Colourful Materials. Susie Baughan.

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  1. Karen will be teaching a basketry class for the Olympia Weaver’s Guild next weekend. While the class is full, they may be an organization you want to get in contact with. Also, Earthwalk often schedules classes at their site in Shelton, WA. Feel free to check our website for upcoming events in 2017 dates.


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