Path of the Hunter

Our unique Path of the Hunter Mentoring program starts September 7, 2016!  We are excited about two additions this year:  Frank has explored and will be sharing new hunting areas just for this year’s program, and this year’s students will be among the first to use Frank’s recently-published Hunting Journal to record outing details.

We are able to take a couple more students, so call or email soon if you wish to join us!

Schedule and Curriculum Overview

September  7 – 10                                            Orientation
Wed – Sat; 9–4 p.m.                                           Issaquah classroom


October 28 – 30                                                Field to Freezer
Fri and Sat;  9–4 p.m.                                        Issaquah classroom
Sun; 9-12 pm.

November 9 – 13                                              Big Game and Grouse Hunt
Wed – Sun                                                           Remote Interior Camp


December 9 – 11                                               Waterfowl Hunt
 Fri – Sun                                                              Remote Interior Camp


January 7 – 8                                                      Fishing A-Z with Mike Isaac
Sat and Sun; 9–5 p.m.                                        Issaquah classroom


February 10 – 12                                                Razor Clams & Surf Fishing
Fri – Sun                                                                Coastal Camp

March 4 – 5                                                          Turkey Calls
Sat and Sun; 9–4 p.m.                                         Issaquah classroom


March 31 – April 2                                             Clams, Oysters & Blackpowder
 Fri – Sun                                                               Shelton Rendezvous Site


May 4 – 7                                                              Turkey Hunt
Thu – Sun                                                               Remote Interior Hunting Camp


Path of the Hunter

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