Hunting Journal Now Available!

Frank's journal

We are excited to announce that Frank Sherwood’s Hunting Journal has been published! Providing this simple yet powerful way of deepening people’s understanding of nature has been a dream of Frank’s for over ten years.

In Frank’s experience, regularly recording your outings can help you hone your attention to detail, discover patterns, and improve your level of expertise. He wanted to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry field journal to help people capture vital information about their outings. The field journal includes pages to record valuable data about each outing, and practical information about animal tracks and signs, cloud descriptions, a hunter’s checklist, and what to have in your wilderness survival kit. The journal also includes room for personal thoughts and observations as well as inspirational quotes.

We owe many thanks to author Clint Hollingsworth for his beautiful illustrations and publishing assistance. He helped make the dream a reality!Owl

The Hunting Journal is the first in a series of three. Look for the next one – Nature Awareness Journal – this summer.

Copies of the journal can be purchased at Amazon.  There’s also a rumor that you can get signed copies for the same price through Earthwalk Northwest!

Hunting Journal Now Available!

2 thoughts on “Hunting Journal Now Available!

  1. Howard Schwartz says:

    I will most definitely look forward to getting a signed copy next time I’m there, so glad to see this happening: Howard


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