Birch Bark Knife Sheath

Birch bark knife sheath

In our last post, ethnobotanist Karen Sherwood shared the numerous gifts of birch.  Now you can join Karen on Sunday, May 22 to learn how to use this wonderful plant material to create a beautiful, sturdy and functional knife sheath.

In this class, students will use time-honored techniques unique to working with birch bark. Students will form a birch bark sheath around a Swedish-made Mora carving knife (included in cost of class). Students learn how to prepare the bark, how to lash, and one of several traditional patterns to stitch the bark sheath closed.

Karen also teaches students how to  make a cedar bark-plaited lanyard so that the knife sheath can be conveniently worn around the neck. The cedar lanyard will be finished as time permits.

To join us for the class, please visit our registration page. Cost of the class, including the Mora knife, is $125. Class will be held at the Earthwalk Northwest classroom in Bellevue, WA. Directions and follow-up information are sent after registration.

Birch Bark Knife Sheath class at The Tracker School
Birch Bark Knife Sheath

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