New Pack Basket Class!

Hand-woven pack baskets

We have been humbled and overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to our Adirondack-style pack baskets!  Woven pack baskets have been around for centuries, but they were a new addition to our Ancestral Living Skills program this year.  So many people asked about making the baskets that we have added TWO two-day classes in 2016!

Dates:  August 13-14 | September 24-25, 2016

Time:  9-4 on Saturday, 9-2 on Sunday

Cost:  $135

Location:  Issaquah, WA

Description:  Traditionally used by the early trappers, pack baskets were woven out of black ash or white oak. Most baskets today use high-quality reed to create these strong and light vessels.

Join us to weave your own pack basket in this two-day class. Learn how to weave the “belly” into your basket for the roomy pack basket shape. You’ll finish by lashing a hardwood handle into the rim. The final touches are a protective coat of stain or oil finish and custom strapping for ease of carry.

These baskets are perfect for your next trip to the market or upcoming summer picnic. All materials and tools provided. Finished size: Approximately 11” W x 10” D x 17” H.


New Pack Basket Class!

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