Wild Food Feast – Ethnobotany begins!

A wild food feast welcomed our new Ethnobotany students on February 3.  We ushered in this year’s apprentices with delectable offerings such as acorn muffins with rose petal jelly, dandelion pesto (of course) accenting roasted fingerling potatoes and coho salmon,  beet-pinkened camas bulbs, Navarro oysters with apricot-tamari dipping sauce and home-brewed dandelion wine.  We did indeed feast, and needed a nap afterwards!

We have been exploring taxonomy, assisted by a floral “peep show” to both lighten the subject and make it more memorable.

We also have learned to use a dichotomous key to identify Northwest trees and finished building individual plant presses in preparation for numerous field and foraging excursions on the horizon.

While this year’s program is already in full swing, you can reserve your place in next year’s program to join these informative (and life-changing!) adventures.  More information about our Ethnobotany program can be found at our website.


Wild Food Feast – Ethnobotany begins!

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