On the Horizon – Upcoming Classes

Some of our most popular classes are fast approaching this spring. They often fill to capacity, so if you are interested in signing up, please send in your application soon!

Twined Salla Bag

March 5 and 19, 2016 | $95 | Issaquah, WA

baskets 116

Description: Salla bags are soft-sided bags, woven with a unique full-turn twining method long practiced by Native Americans of the mid-Columbia River region. The bags were traditionally used for gathering roots, acorns and medicines. In this class, we continue exploring the techniques of full-turn twining as we create salla bags of our own.

Beautiful patterns emerge as students weave the sides of their bags with alternating colors of wool yarn. Students also prepare and use dogbane as one of their finishing rows. A false braided rim completes the basket. Finished bags measure about 5 x 7 inches and are completed in two classroom sessions held several weeks apart.

Note: Anyone wishing to repeat this class will be given an opportunity to create a new pattern called Spotted Fawn.

Course is two non-consecutive days with “homework” in-between.

Flintknapping: Techniques and Tool Kits

April 2, 2016 | $135 | Issaquah, WA

flintknapping 2010 042

Description: Early humans perfected the techniques of rock working to craft beautifully shaped and functional arrowheads, projectile points, spear points, and knife blades. Join this class and learn the techniques of making these extraordinary tools.

We demonstrate the entire process, beginning with material selection, spalling, and direct and indirect percussion flaking. In addition to learning the fine art of knapping stone, each student makes a tool kit including leather hand pad, “Ishi” stick, and flake tarp. These are yours so you can continue to refine your flintknapping techniques at home.

Wilderness Survival Skills

April 15-17, 2016 | $375 | Shelton, WA


Description: With the explosion in the number of “reality” survival shows, come learn what is real and what is not!  Learn to not only survive but also live comfortably in wilderness by learning the foundation skills to keep you alive. In this information- filled weekend, you learn the essential skills of shelter building, safe water collecting, fire by friction, and harvesting wild edible plants. Nature awareness, cordage from natural fibers, and the use of rocks as tools are also covered.

If you are interested in becoming more comfortable and self-sufficient in the wilderness, or want to experience the magic of your first bow and drill fire, this hands-on weekend is for you.  This program makes a great refresher course for those who wish to review their wilderness survival skills.

Students camp on-site.  Cost includes all meals.


On the Horizon – Upcoming Classes

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